Wherever life takes you, don't go alone.


Who We Are

Don’t Go Alone is an initiative to raise awareness and provide support for young adults who age out of foster care or are otherwise homeless and without a family. We believe that these people still deserve a chance at family and shouldn’t end up in poverty or on our streets.

What We Do


100% of our merchandise proceeds to Connections Homes, an organization dedicated to connecting aged-out foster youth with families.


We take donated career clothing to young adults in transitional & independent living programs to help them feel career-confident.


We equip high school and college counselors with toolkits for at-risk youth to know that having a stable support system is still possible.

What Is Aging Out?

The foster care system is intended to be a temporary way to care for a child until they either 1) reunite with their biological family/primary caretaker or 2) get adopted by a certified family. But only half are reunited with their families and only 25% are adopted. When youth aren’t placed into permanent homes, time ticks on and they are emancipated at 18. On average, more than 21,000 young people turn 18 and transition out of the foster care system through emancipation (aka age out) in the U.S. every single year.

Why It Matters


develop substance abuse.


of children born to aged-out women will go back into the foster care system.


Become homeless within 18 months of aging out.

Get Involved


When you purchase our products, 100% of the proceeds goes to Connections Homes. To learn more about them or donate directly, click here.


One of the best ways to support these young people is to spread awareness so they don’t remain unseen.


If you know someone 18-24 who aged out of foster care or is otherwise homeless and without family, invite them to connect with us here.

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