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Wherever Life Takes You,

Don’t Go Alone

Who We Are

Our vision is that every homeless and former foster youth would thrive in life and impact their world from the safety of a healthy connection.

Each year in the US, 21,000 young individuals transition out of foster care, with 97% facing chronic poverty or experiencing homelessness, incarceration, trafficking, or worse. This stark reality motivated us to take action in 2014.

What We Do


Our Relationship Managers pair youth with certified mentoring families for a lifelong connection, we strive to ensure that each match lasts for a lifetime.


We provide resources and assistance to youth as needs arise. Some of these services vary by location based on available resources.


Our Career Connection Centers provide youth with the tools they need to succeed including career coaching, resume building, interview skill-building and professional clothing.

What Is Aging Out?

The foster care system is designed as a temporary solution for childcare, aiming for either family reunification or adoption by a certified family. However, only about half of children are reunited with their biological families, and merely 25% are adopted. For those who do not find permanent homes, time continues to pass, and they are emancipated at 18 years old. On average, over 21,000 young individuals “age out” of the foster care system annually in the United States.

Why It Matters


youth develop substance abuse.


of children born to aged-out women will go back into the foster care system.


youth become homeless within 18 months of aging out.

Your Voice, Your Choice

Welcome to the Don’t Go Alone (DGA) program, where we designed the Choice-Based Matching model. We firmly uphold the belief that every young person deserves the fundamental right to have a voice and the power to make choices in their relationships. This includes the right to choose whether they want to share their story and select their mentors. Our commitment to this principal stem from the recognition that many of our youth have been deprived of this autonomy, hindering their ability to express their opinions, needs, and desires fully. We invite you to join us in acknowledging the importance of empowering youth with the agency to shape their own lives and relationships, including the freedom to determine when and with whom they share their experiences.

To those feeling unseen in a crowded world:
Your story matters, your voice matters, and you are not alone.

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